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Ninetynine - Short Film

2D Animation - Ninetynine


— short movie

2d animation


NINETYNINE is an animation which deals with the social inequality and the resulted uneven distribution in our present society which is represented on the basis of one big monster and ninetynine little imps.

The daily routine of the monster, who is the powerful sovereign in this universe, is only to cover the way to the feeding ground – an outsized tree far away of his cave – in order to appease his hunger.

Since the path is associated with several obstacles, the monster is dependent on the little imps who are preparing the way for him. Conversely the imps are dependent on the monster to finally get a bit of feed that is far too little for all ninetynine anyway, but enough to survive.

Concept, Design and Animation made by Chris Lindner, Patrick Wagesreiter, Andreas Widder and me. Audio Design made by Chris Lindner.


2012, 2013

2D Animation
Short Movie

FH Hagenberg
University of Applied Sciences